Hire a coach who will be committed to LOVING & GROWING your studio with as much PASSION as you!

Fast-track your way to a bigger impact, a bigger income, and create a scalable, durable, and transferrable business.

  • Are you burned out in your studio?
  • Do you run a successful studio but it is completely dependent upon you?
  • Have you lost passion for what you do because you haven't had time to invest in yourself and your relationships?
  • Do you find it hard to delegate and trust your team to get the job done?

"I know how you feel. I ran a large and successful dance studio in Toronto for years. I was making a great living, having a huge impact, but I was completely burnt out and the relationships that mattered most to me were suffering. I had never learned what the next steps were to scale after building a successful studio."

- Miss Amanda

When you become the CEO, you will have:

  • Greater impact
  • More income, sustainability, and transferability
  • More freedom

 It's time for your to begin working from rest, prospering in business, Copy of Puzzle

Hire a coach who will be committed to LOVING & GROWING your studio with as much PASSION as you!

Everything You Need is Already Inside of You

We have had our share of mentors and coaches both in and out of dance. We realized that everything we were searching for, we had within ourselves all along. The best gurus were the ones who helped us take the layers off… helped shine a light on the superpowers we already had, and removed the blind spots that were preventing us from expressing ourselves at our full potential.

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You’re Here to Serve a Higher Purpose

While there are proven techniques in sales, communication, marketing, and management – one must be in alignment with them, and have full conviction in order for the methods to work. Any fear, limiting beliefs, subconscious negativity, or blockages can stop you from expressing your true self – one that is magical and a pure expression of love, healing, and abundance.

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We Lead By Example

It’s easier said than done. A lot of dance studio coaches don't currently run successful studios, but figured to tell you how to run yours. We’ve achieved a successful part-time dance studio CEO life for the past 20 years, based on the same systems and principles we will be teaching you – while running multiple businesses, coaching other dance studio owners, and most importantly being mothers to active children. We understand our industry's unique challenges, and know exactly how to get you to where you want to be.

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Hire a coach who will be committed to LOVING & GROWING your studio with as much PASSION as you!

Studio Biz CEO Makeover

$57/week for 52 weeks then 28.50/week for ongoing support - cancel anytime.

  • Weekly pre-recorded videos

  • Office hours where you can call, email, text message to get support, coaching and guidance.

The Studio Biz CEO Makeover program is here to add value to your studio. If you already belong to another studio business group, no problem – this is designed to compliment your current group, not replace it.

You’ll interact with, and learn from other of high-vibrating dance studio owners, and get answers on many questions about everyday operations, mindset, procedures most importantly, how to stay true to your mission, vision and values as well as caring for yourself and putting your family first.

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