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My name is Miss Amanda and I am the Executive Director of Dance Kids (previously Thornhill School of Ballet) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our school was founded in 1969 by a passionate ballerina and her husband who, for decades, led a small but mighty ballet studio for children ages toddlers through to professionals.

Like you, they struggled with doing it all - working with dance artists as teachers, interfacing with parents, giving trial classes, and doing all the “little things” that are the day-to day reality of running a ballet studio while she taught ballet full-time in post secondary and he was a full-time piano accompanist at the local university. 

Marketing was always last on the list. For years, a display ad in the phone book would suffice and the phone would ring just enough to keep a steady flow of parents to the studio.

Oh, but times have changed!

The yellow pages are dead. Competition from other programs continues to increase. New parents spend the majority of their day online. In order for your studio to survive, you have to promote yourself in a new and radical way.

But how do you start?

I joined the ballet studio in 1989 as a ballet student and fell in love with the studio and the art form. After graduating the ballet studio, and enrolling in university studying theatre technical production, the opportunity to buy the beloved ballet studio presented. Without hesitation, I purchased the ballet studio that I grew up in.

In 2002, I became the proud owner of a wonderful ballet studio and two years later, in 2004, I purchased a second dance studio from another husband and wife team who were moving out of the country. In 2007, I amalgamated the two locations, changed the names and started the Dance Kids chain of dance studios. 

After realizing that my true talents were in supporting the school outside of the studio as CEO and NOT teaching, I began to focus on growing the school, specifically with print and digital marketing.  

The result?  

Our school grew exponentially to nearly 500 children. We expanded to multiple locations with over 30 staff. In that time I have made some big mistakes and have had some outstanding successes. Through those successes and failures, I developed an extraordinary library of tools, knowledge and relationships that have all helped our dance studio grow like a weed.  

The purpose of Total Tech 4 Dance, Dance PrintDance Marketing & Studio Biz is to share what I have learned with you.  

We are Dance Studio Owners for Dance Studio Owners. 

As you know, enrollment is the key to leading a vibrant dance studio.  If you’re ready to attract more potential parents, schedule more trials and increase enrollment, click below.

Let's get started.

Hear Miss Amanda's Story

Ever thought if you could dance all day your life would be complete. Daydreaming of this very thought was all I ever did till I graduated university and realized real life was no joke. I have been teaching dance for the 16 years and at every milestone, I accomplish I think there must be an easier way to make a career in dance.

After being in the dance industry for the last 2 decades I have been through many ups and downs that I have navigated to become the teacher I am today. I want to help teachers not have to go through the same struggles, find success in the dance room faster and navigate different teaching situations with many different populations.

Your dance career does not have to linear. It should be multifaceted and show off your best side of your portfolio. In uncertain times such as this, you need to be able to pivot and adapt. I have been pivoting and adapting for 16 years. No other industry prepares you to be a better - multifaceted worker than dance. Each experience whether it be teaching a new population, becoming a dance writer, developing dance research, I have use dance to connect many of my day to day skill sets. I understand the passion and as dancers, I know you have the drive send me a message and let me help you navigate your dance teacher journey.

Follow the dance teacher mentors page for tips, resources and community support on specific strands of your dance teacher journey. Let me help make your time in the online teaching world easier while we are dealing with covid-19 and take one of my course to help map out how to keep making money online and navigate creating a portfolio career in dance. I want to help you make your big dreams of being an accomplished dance professional come to life and create a roadmap to create your ideal dance career! Send me a Dm and let’s start your journey today.

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