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Fast-track your way to a bigger impact, a bigger income, and create a scalable, durable, and transferrable business.

OUR GOAL: is to give every dance studio owner the knowledge and tools they need to change the world with dance.

OUR MISSION: is to elevate the dance industry in North America through successful dance studio owners. We make business education and resources affordable for all dance studios, as well as accessible to every dance studio owner. We believe that what the world needs now is dance; and what dance needs right now is more successful dance studio owners.

OUR PHILOSOPHIES: include taking special care of dance studio owners and their teams, insuring they get the support they need to advance our art form. Our transformative program is structured for their success. We believe that there are 6 definitive aspects of business a dance studio must master to create a healthy studio business, clear studio image and strong studio culture to impact the world in a positive way with dance. These aspects are: foundation, vision, education, systems, people and marketing. Once mastered, you will not only be an outstanding dance teacher, but an outstanding dance studio owner too.  

Do you have a calling to change children's lives with dance?

Do you need affordable and accessible tools, knowledge and support to advance your mission?

Do you want someone to guide you through the 6 aspects of business you need to master in order to elevate your dance studio and transform yourself from successful dance teacher to successful dance studio CEO?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, we encourage you to register for our free kickstart course and take the first step towards transforming your studio and changing the world with dance.

We Help You Master the 6 Aspects of a Dance Studio Business