Grow your studio and simplify your life.

Fast-track your way to a bigger impact, a bigger income, and create a scalable, durable, and transferrable business.


Who are we?

We are dance studio business strategists who are passionate about loving and growing your studio.

We proudly offer a hands-on, face-to-face, 1-on-1 approach to delivering our commitments to you.

What do we do?

It is our goal to refine and uplift your studio business systems and strategies in every way possible.

We do what we do - so you can:

Spend ⏱: Loving your students and parents.
Spend ⏱: Providing exceptional dance education.
Spend ⏱: Creating stunning choreography, costumes and performance opportunities.

“This dance studio has got to be bigger than you.”

That’s what my friend, Miss Rhea realized when she was running her very first dance studio, working herself to death because she didn’t know any other way.

She had become a control freak. A perfectionist. The girl who carried the entire studio on her back, because she didn’t see how anyone could do the things she was doing.

But she hit a wall.

She couldn’t make the impact she wanted to make because there was only one of her. And she couldn’t create more hours in the day.

And I had a similar problem, though the circumstances were different.

I was expecting my second baby (only 13 months after my first). It was a difficult pregnancy, so I decided to take time away from my studio to ensure my health.

But while I was away, my studio fell apart.

The crazy thing is, it seemed like I was doing everything right!

For one thing, I had hired some great staff. It’s not like I was the only one running my studio. I had a staff of 30 including dance teachers, class assistants, office staff and a manger. When I decided to take time off, I thought that I had that covered.

Why did my studio fall apart?

Why did Miss Rhea hit that wall?

How could these things happen to studio owners who appeared to be so successful?

Well, as we figured out many years later, we were both STUCK in the “second season” of our dance business careers: we got stuck in the Build season.

Here’s what we discovered: there are actually four seasons of a dance business career: Launch, Build, Scale, and Exit.

And like most studio owners, we were stuck in the Build season, having no idea that the Scale season even existed…but even more importantly, neither one of us knew that whether we made it to Scale (or not) would make ALL of the difference in the world as to how we would plan our EXIT season.

Biz in a Box

You CAN have an outstanding studio as a part of an outstanding life!


To fix the problems Miss Rhea and I were facing, we realized that we had to progress through all four seasons to achieve our ultimate goal:

To have a outstanding studio as PART of an outstanding LIFE… not instead of one.

We discovered that in order to achieve this, we had to create the business that supported our outstanding life, NOT competed with it.


  • Transform your JOB into a BUSINESS (and a business means scalable, durable, and transferable)…

  • Transform yourself from an Owner-Operator into a CEO…

Let’s look at the first part: a scalable, durable, and transferable business.

To scale, you need to leverage the right systems and the right people (As I discovered, it’s impossible to scale on your own).

To create a durable business where your studio can thrive (and actually grow) even in your absence …think more reasonable hours, time-freedom, vacations …(you know, living a life.)

And to create a transferable business means that you turn your studio into a true business asset. If you do this right – qualified successors will compete to buy your studio. You can make a graceful and profitable exit.

The sad truth is that a lot of studio owners *think* they’ll sell their studio one day — often when they’re ready to retire — and then they find out they can’t. Or they have to sell it for FAR less than they’d imagined …usually many multiples less.

Their studio is not actually transferable, because everything depends on the owner. Without her, there is no business. Therefore, there are no buyers. Buyers want a studio they can just step into that has systems in place, a solid team, and a good student base. One that will thrive and can grow – after the original owner is gone. If those things are missing, then the studio as an asset isn’t worth much. Without these elements, you own a job – and no one wants to buy your JOB.

What if you don’t ever want to sell your studio? Or you’re years away from making that decision?

Even if that’s the case, the Exit season is still critical. To explain why, let me ask you this:

When is the best time to plant an oak tree?

 - That’s right, 50 years ago.

And when is the next best time?

 - Today!

The best time for you to think about your Exit strategy is YEARS before you decide to Exit.

Plus, you’ll reap the benefits long before you sell. That’s because owning a studio that you have “built to sell” is easier to run. It’s far more profitable, more productive, less stressful, and much more fun for you – and your team.

This transformation pays you every day – and handsomely in the end, if you do this right.

Okay, let’s look at the second big shift that Miss Rhea and I had to make…


Ask yourself if any of these statements sound familiar:

  • You run your studio. Without you, nothing gets done.

  • Your team members come to you to make most decisions, big or small.

  • When things go wrong, you’re the “savior” of your studio.

  • There’s no way that your team members can do the things you do.

  • If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.

  • Even if you wanted to give your team more responsibility, you don’t have the time to train them.

If you relate to any (or all!) of the above, then you’re acting more like a studio owner who owns a JOB – and not like a CEO who owns a scalable, durable and eventually transferable BUSINESS.

And that’s okay. We’ve all been there. It’s a great part of the journey in your dance career.

The key is to not get stuck there for your entire life!


How did Miss Rhea and I do all of this, so that we could progress to the next season of our careers, and the one after that?

Unfortunately, we had to do it the hard way… we definitely didn’t have anyone showing us the way.

Instead it took a lot of time and money invested in testing new ideas and systems. Some worked well, others were a total waste.

In fact, this process of study, training, experience, successes, and failures took the two of us a combined 35 years to discover and develop!

And what we discovered is that the key to all of it was solving six different aspects for studio success:



Once each of those sides is “solved,” your shift from job owner to business owner — and from owner-operator to CEO — becomes far EASIER.

We now call this our "Studio Biz CEO Makeover" and "Total Tech Takeover".

Our system has proven successful in many of studios around the world – regardless of culture, language or personality.

Now we’re sharing this with YOU, because we don’t want YOU to have to go through the years of struggle that we did, only to reinvent the wheel!

And we wanted to make it easier, faster and more affordable for you to experience the same transformation we’ve had in our studios and in our lives.

We know that when a dance studio owner wins – everybody wins!

➤ A win for the studio owner and her family.
➤ A win for their Team and their families.
➤ A win for the students and their families. 
➤ And – it’s a big win for the dance industry.

We also know that when a dance studio owner struggles – everybody loses!

➤ A loss for the studio owner and her family.
➤ A loss for their Team and their families.
➤ A loss for the students and their families.
➤ And – it’s a big loss for the dance industry.

This is why we are committed to elevating the dance industry through successful dance studio owners.

We believe that what the world needs now is dance. And what dance needs right now is more successful dance studio owners.

To help in achieving that, we’ve poured our hearts and souls into creating something truly special. Something that would give you a step-by-step process you could follow to easily solve each side of the Rubik’s Cube…


The Dance Studio Biz CEO Makeover Program will help you fast-track your way to making a bigger impact and a bigger income, as part of your outstanding life!

Here’s what you’ll get inside The Dance Studio CEO:

  • Weekly (54) pre-recorded CEO trainings from Miss Rhea and me, to help you start to transition from Owner-Operator into a CEO who can delegate and work on higher-level tasks…

  • Workbook to accompany the pre-recorded and help you flush out everything from within your own heart mind and soul.

  • Open office Hours where you can connect with your coach and get answers on your CEO training material, get help with your worksheets or navigate any studio crises with 1-on-1, face-to-face, over the phone, or text message support.



“Amanda was absolutely fantastic to work with! She was quick to respond and we had a dialogue through the whole process of putting together my digital logo. She sent me lots of options to choose from and really cared about the ending product. She even told me if there were any issues or anything that needed to be changed after sending to just contact her and she would take care of it. I will definitely recommend this business to my colleagues and friends. Thank you for excellent service!”

Dance Studio Owner


“I have purchased several products to use for setting up my studio to follow the new Covid-19 Safety Protocols. The products are fun and of excellent quality AND the delivery time was out of this world. Amazing service!”

Dance Studio Owner


“GREAT customer service! Was very personable and attentive to our studio needs.”

Dance Studio Owner

If you like the idea of being able to step back and take off more time for vacations or to write a book… while also increasing cash flow, collections, and more…Copy of Puzzle


✅ Are you ready to grow your business AND your personal life in a more intentional way?

✅ Are you looking to create a bigger impact and make a bigger income?

✅ Are you ready to stop running your studio on your own and to leverage other people, systems, and technology instead?

✅ Do you want to create an outstanding studio as PART of an outstanding life – not instead of one?

We can show you how to get out of the Build season and into the Scale season. And — when you’re ready – show you how to navigate the Exit season of your career, gracefully and profitably.


Too many “successful” dance studio owners have built a busy studio at too high of a price:

…crazy hours, no vacations, constant stress and inability to “shut it off” at home and connect with your family.

You miss important events, skip workouts, and simply stop having fun in life.

And to make things worse, you begin to tell yourself that you have to do it to support your expenses – and your commitment to your “Mission” and “Purpose” justifies it all.

So you push through, and maybe even make more money. But it’s usually at the expense of your physical health, your marriage, or just knowing your kids better.

Miss Rhea and I believe that this is an unacceptable trade-off.

It leads to burnout, dissatisfaction, and resentment. It is unsustainable and limits the impact you can make.

Thankfully, we found a better way…

A way to grow your income, make a bigger impact, and make that a part of your outstanding life. A way to be successful by actually working fewer hours than you probably do right now.

The bad news is that achieving results like that isn’t easy. When Miss Rhea and I were in the trenches, figuring out how to do these things in our own studios, we were pretty much on our own.

We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on masterminds, coaching, courses, books, and programs… even traveling around the WORLD to attend events. We dedicated countless hours — over decades — to testing what would work in our dance industry.

Some strategies didn’t work so well, and we had to learn that through painful trial and error.

However, once Miss Rhea and I solved all six “sides” to our studios, we wanted to share it with as many dance studio owners as possible. We want to make it easier, faster, and far more convenient and affordable for A-level dance studios owners in our industry to turn their studios into a business.

We’ve now helped many dance studio owners transform their studios and their lives.

And now Miss Rhea and I would like to guide YOU through this process, too.

The truth is, this is tricky business. You need a tour guide, someone who can show you exactly where to go because they know the way.

Not a travel agent who just gives you the high-ticket plan and then leaves it all up to you.

That’s what we want to share with you in The Dance Studio Biz CEO Makeover.

We’re only taking a small group of new people into the upcoming session.

Once we’ve got our list of finalists, we’ll start working with this next group of Dance Studio CEOs, coaching them as they scale their businesses and transform into true CEOs… and start to see incredible changes in their personal lives as a result.

We’d love to have you join us, but…


We’ve created this program for the dance studio owner who is ready to take their studio – and their lives – to the next level.

If you’re happy with how things are and don’t want anything to change, The Dance Studio Biz CEO Makeover is probably not for you.

If you don’t feel ready to grow your business AND your personal life in a more intentional way, The Dance Studio Biz CEO Makeover is probably not for you.

If you don’t want to make a bigger impact or a bigger income, The Dance Studio Biz CEO Makeover is probably not for you.

This program is specifically for dance studio owners who want an outstanding studio as PART of an outstanding life – and not instead of one.

Becoming a Dance Studio CEO is an audacious journey that is guaranteed to challenge, inspire, and empower you. And if you’re ready to embark on that journey, then I urge you to take action.

And the reason is that right now, we’re only taking a small group of new people into the upcoming session, and spots are already filling up.


  • 20-minute private call with a Dance Studio Biz CEO Makeover coach

  • FREE Five-Hour Analysis! A high-level audit of your current studio business.

  • At least 3 ACTION strategies to implement immediately.

Here are 12 areas we will review with you along with recommendations before getting started with our program:

1: Studio Schedule
2: Closest Competitors
3: Overall Revenue
4: Dance Uniform System
5: Website Software
6: Marketing System
7: Costume System
8: Event Planning Procedures
9: Enrollment Software
10: Company/Performance Group
11: Staff Systems
12: Evaluation & Reflection

Tell us your name, your email and let know your website address. We will get to work with your FREE 5-Hour Analysis and then we schedule a zoom call with you to go over our analysis with you and give you 3 ACTION Strategies that you can implement right away.  

Don't be shy. We offer a supportive and caring service.

Remember, far too often, dance studio owners get stuck in the Build stage of their career. Then the day arrives when they realize that they’ve got to Exit … and they can’t because their studio isn’t sellable. They’ve built a job – and no one wants to buy a job.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

And it doesn’t have to. Instead, you can take your studio – and your life – to the next level.

You can build a thriving and productive studio. You can be mission-based and on-purpose. You can make a huge impact. You can make a huge income. And … you can create an outstanding life at the same time.

In The Dance Studio Biz CEO Makeover program, you’ll discover exactly how to do that. And we’ll provide all of the resources and support you need to do it.

And if you have any questions I haven’t answered here, go ahead and get your free Discovery Session, and I will help you out.

I want to thank you for reading.

We hope to see you inside the program.

The Dance Studio CEO, led by Miss Rhea of Creative Connexions & Miss Amanda of Dance Kids. We serve an intentional community of CEOs committed to continued development and reaching their full potential in business and life. The infrastructure of The Dance Studio CEO is governed by tried, tested and true strategies, tools, and resources, custom designed specifically for the dance studio entrepreneur, to leverage and scale business to levels of outstanding achievement.